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Are you looking for Orthopedic Therapists in Bergen County, NJ? Using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, our physical therapists help our patients reduce pain, improve their range of movement, and develop healthier habits that will enable them to live healthier and more comfortable lives. We offer one-on-one physical therapy sessions at our physical therapy office in Tenafly, NJ or at in-home sessions across Bergen County.

In addition to a variety of options for orthopedic physical therapy in Bergen County NJ, Prime Orthopedic Rehabilitation offers a wide array of specialty treatments that can help you deal with pain and discomfort, improve your range of motion, and balance your body so you can balance your life.

Prime Orthopedic Rehabilitation therapists provide an unparalleled level of skilled patient care and the highest levels of customer service. During each visit, patients will receive individualized personal attention with the same provider and hands on treatment based on the most current scientific evidence.

Every treatment program is developed for each individual patient based on their limitations and problems. We take an analytical and problem oriented approach to each patient.

At Prime, we pride ourselves on:

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Flexible early morning and late evening appointments
  • Hands-on manual approach
  • Personalized one on one treatment
  • Our entire staff cares about your well being
  • State of the Art, well equipped facility.
  • In-Home physical therapy for those who have difficulty leaving the home.
  • Insurance benefits are handled by our skilled administration team.

At Prime, we not only provide the highest quality of care in our office, but we also provide the same level of care with our In-Home visits, whether you are unable to leave the home, or just find it more convenient to be seen at home. Our physical therapists have many years of experience helping patients with in-home physical therapy in Bergen County NJ. Our post-surgical physical therapy in Bergen County, NJ helps our patients to recover from a wide variety of surgeries and procedures that make visiting our office for physical therapy difficult if not impossible. Our therapists bring special equipment and techniques to our patients’ homes so that they can recover in a comfortable environment. Our in-home services also include gait and balance disorders physical therapy that can help you improve your ability to stand and walk so that you can go about everyday activities with confidence.

To learn more about our Orthopedic Therapists in Bergen County, NJ can help you, call Prime Orthopedic Rehabilitation at 201-503-7173.

Prime Orthopedic Rehabilitation – Your trusted Orthopedic Therapists in Bergen County, NJ.

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Orthopedic Therapists in Bergen County, NJ